Friday, September 23, 2005

Rock me like a hurricane

Rock me like a hurricane…September 23, 2005

I knew this was going to happen.
Stupid Rita isnt even going to come close to us in Austin now.
To all those dumb a$$ fake boob Austin soccer moms who hoarded ALL the bottled water yesterday, I fart in your general direction.
We'd better at least get some rain out of this, my yard is dying! So far the only thing we are getting from Rita is a lot of wind and scattered clouds, but its still friggin hot out...though not as hot as it has been.
I really feel sorry for all those poor evacuees from New Orleans who drove for 24 hours from Houston in the heat. What bad luck they have had eh? Not only did they lose their homes in a hurricane, another one is chasing them out of their shelter! Some poor souls even ran out of gas on the side of the highway, and all they could do was wait. There was even a bus explosion that killed 24 people yesterday can you believe that? What rotten luck. Welcome to Austin, no vacancy.

And now for something completely different.

This is the coolest thing ever, A medieval bridge has emerged from the depths of the San Juan reservoir in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, 70 kilometres (43 miles) outside Madrid, as a result of dramatically low water levels. NEAT!

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