Monday, September 19, 2005

Super Dad

Super Dad…September 19, 2005

I finally got my pictures downloaded! Now I can tell you stories.

Labor day weekend, after the hurricane, my dad packed up his truck and drove to Louisiana to help my Aunt and Uncle who had some major damage from the wind and water they endured. He bought a generator, filled up some jugs with gas, and major amounts of water and took off. We heard from him later in the day when he was in an area that got cell service and he was almost there. We didnt hear from him for the rest of the night. The next evening, he called and said he was on his way back with my aunt who was going to stay with us for a while until things were settled down there. She is a bit manic and bi polar so you can guess how elated my dad was when he was able to get away from her after the long trip in the car with her. We call her Aunt LuLu, it was just by coincedence that she actually turned out to be looney.

Dad knew that Labor day weekend we were housing a small army of women at our house for the annual Estrogen Fest, and Sarah's wedding shower, but that didnt sway him from joining us for a few drinks, Im sure he needed them. He planned on leaving again the next day but he satyed up with us crazy women. He had many stories for us from his adventure to the broken south.

There wasn't as much damage to their house as there was to houses in New Orleans, and closer to the coast, but there was damage. The major things were flooding, broken windows, and a tree fell in on their roof collapsing part of the house. And of course no electricity, phones or water. They were happy to see dad when he drove up with the generator and water, and he also brought building supplies to help patch their roof. Most of the trees on their property were blown over, roots up. They had already cleared them from the land, and were patching the roof when he got there. But none the less, they appreciated him coming out. My Aunt felt useless there so she asked dad if he would drive her out of there for a while, and of course he agreed. Before he knew it, she was talking his ear off and he drove way over the speed limit to get home faster. What would have taken him 11 hours, took him 8. He was ready for a strong drink by the time he got home. He reminisced about a time many years ago when he had kicked Aunt LuLu out of his car because she was being crazy, he mentioned to me that he wished he had done that on the way home. She talks non stop, and talks over people when she doesnt have her medication. And I think the events surrounding her were a bit too much for her to handle, she was weepy every five minutes, inbetween ramblings.

In addition to my aunts husband living there, her brother-my uncle- lives on the ajoining property. His house wasnt damaged at all! I asked how he was and dad replied with "oh, he looks like the unibomber" My Uncle John, hes a character, my favorite uncle but he has many problems. He just retired from the Navy and bought a little cabin on the land behind my aunts property. He is an alcoholic, but is the funniest guy you will ever meet. He has never married, and is a social pariah of sorts. Now that he doesnt have to go to a job every day he is apparently not giving a sh*t about his appearance! I thought that was funny, and the way dad was talking at that point in the night after two or three shots, the story sounded so much funnier coming from him.

Here are some pictures of the damage:

*follow up*
My Aunt stayed with my parents for a total of two weeks, and finally my uncle drove in to pick her up. They still do not have power. She apparently is deathly afraid of flying and called my uncle to come get her. My parents are rejoicing in her absence.

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