Friday, September 02, 2005

The end of the world

The end of the world…September 2, 2005

Is everyone else going as crazy as we are in Texas about this whole hurricaine Katrina thing? Is it just us in the south? There are people flocking to Texas from Louisiana by the car loads, the gas prices are outrageous, and some gas stations are already out of fuel. How is it in other parts of the United States?

We finally heard from my Aunt and Uncle, and my moms brother who live in Kentwood, LA. We have been calling them all week, the phone lines are all wacked out. My uncles brother called finally last night and said "I dont have much time, Im on a cell phone so Ill do all the talking and you just listen..." everyone is fine, but they have no power and no water so they are basically camping. The huge tree in the front yard fell into the house, right through their two bedrooms and bathroom. The house flooded and all the pecan trees on their property are gone. My Uncle Johns house is fine I guess...he didnt say much about it. They have all huddled together as neighbors and are sharing their food and what water they can get. They have been having huge cook outs to eat the meat that would spoil. Their water comes from wells on their property so without electricity they cant pump water.

My dad decided to drive to help them out. He bought a generator this morning and filled up tanks with gas, loaded up on water and building materials and he is off. Im sure he will take pictures so Ill try and post them here as soon as he gets back, he may stay a while. Good for him!

What the hell is going on in the wake of this huge disaster anyway? people are turning on eachother when they should be helping their fellow neighbors and Americans. Where is the National Guard? People are starving, and dying of dehydration. Where is the medical support? Police officers are throwing their badges in and giving up. They dont have the man power or the firepower to handle the situation with all the people with guns and the looting. What are they supposed to do? Texas just sent in all the state troopers we could to help out. I feel so selfish. I have been worrying about my own life, and there are people dying because they have no water. What can I do to help? Id donate to the red cross, but when are they going to go in??? How long are we going to wait? How many more people have to die? Go get them out of there! Im mad...I need to rant, thanks for listening. Im mad at the horrible souls who are shooting innocent people and looting worthless things like tvs and dvd players. I can look past people who are desperate and taking water and food and shoes to protect their feet. But taking guns and creating urban warfare is just evil. Most of the people who are left there didnt have the means in the first place to leave before the storm, now they are stranded in this Armageddon like world, and no one is there to help them. The media has stopped reporting on good humanitarian efforts and have now focused on the horrible images we have seen recently. There needs to be a healthy balance, and I know there are good things happening there, people are genuinely good at heart and want to help, tell us those stories and quit showing me the same images of the low life looters with machine guns. SHow me the story of the man who helped 25 people get to a shelter when they were stranded on a portion of the freeway. He drove 4 people at a time to a shelter, and they were able to get out of the city. SHow me the story of a man who took his canoe back and forth to the hospitals bringing supplies and needed medicine to them when their generators went out. Why arent we hearing about these stories? Ugh...ok Im done.

I feel selfish, and fat.

I wish I was helping, instead I am sitting here eating my lunch and planning my shopping trip for my move in next week. Im heading over to my place here in a few minutes, Ill take pictures. selfish.


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