Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Veil

The Veil…August 20, 2005

Last night, mom and I had a night to ourselves, so we had a little girls' night of sorts. We ordered pizza, had a couple of drinkies, watched a chick flick and talked about Sarah's wedding shower. We are going to throw Sarah a lingerie shower so she can have all the pretty things she needs, but mostly because that's what mom had when she got married and she still talks about it like it was the best thing ever. She even still has some of the items that were given to her for her wedding shower; this was over 35 years ago mind you. So after our chick flick we went into mom's boudoir where she pulled out her droors, so to speak, and showed off some of the items she got when she was married. Some were racy, and some were just nice pretty girly things. She was disappointed that she didn't have a lot of the things she thought she did from back then, but figured maybe they were somewhere in the house. So we went on a search. We looked in all the cedar chests full of old baby clothes, linens and such, but no lingerie. She decided wherever they were, she would probably also find her wedding veil there also. Apparently she had been looking for that as well and couldn't find it. We never found the nightgowns, but we did find her veil. It was wrapped in an old garment bag from a dry cleaners, stuffed into the top of a closet in one of the guest bedrooms. She was so happy we found it. At one point I came out of the bathroom and found her on the couch in front of the TV wearing it. I snapped a couple of pictures before she took it off.


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