Wednesday, June 08, 2005

By George

By George!…June 8, 2005

Ok, so this happened to me a couple of years ago, but it is way too funny to pass by.
A couple years ago I was watching Dateline NBC about a weight loss challenge they were following with 4 diet gurus. One of them they mentioned was Jorge Cruise. I had never heard the name but when they flashed his face I instantly knew, it was George Maurer! But why were they calling him Jorge (hor-hay)? And his last name wasnt the same? I watched intently until they showed him again...yep it was him! I did the obligatory yelling at the tv and pointing at him yelling "hey I know you!" as I stood up on the couch. So I went to high school in a very small town in Southern California with this guy named George Maurer. When I was a freshman he was a senior and sooo cute, it was 1989. He was senior class president, and his sister Marta was my age and in my classes. So the story goes, I made friends with Marta, and she set me up with her brother so we could go to the Winter Ball together. I dont rememer but I think I even asked him to go with me over the phone one night. I was 15! Seems so silly now, but he was like a greek god to me back then. So we went to the dance, got all the pictures taken, at three different houses (mine, his, and our friends) and then after the dance he brought me home and we never really talked much except for saying hi in the school halls. But I went to Winter Ball with George Maurer and he was a senior! That was a big deal.

Ok so flash foreward 14 years and I see him on TV! What? Apparently he is a diet guru and has written 3 or 4 books on different ways to loose weight. He had been on TV all sorts of places, on Oprah, on Dateline, on Good morning America...and all of a sudden I couldnt go anywhere without seeing his face! In the magazine racks...In the book isles, on TV...UGH! So finally I went to his website http// and read about him...yup it was him, except I dont remember him ever being fat, as he claims he once was. I wonder why he wanted to be called "Horhey" instead? Very strange indeed. He also has a blog on AOL at their journal site where he mentions his sister Marta so thats what lets me know it really is him. Ill include pictures below, of the Winter Ball when I was 15 and had bad teeth, and 80's bangs. Oh and yes, he has a wandering eye...Enjoy!


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