Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A bad night

A bad night…June 1, 2005

Well about 10 last night BIg Daddy's neighbor called and told us he was in the emergency room. (Big Daddy is my grandpa) He is diabetic and I think he must have had an imbalance of some sort, passed out on his way out the door to get his mail, threw up and luckily his neighbor was there for him to call an ambulance. So hes been in the hospital all night and poor dad had to get up this morning and take off again. Big Daddy will be ok, he just needs to eat better. Hopefully dad will go grocery shopping for him while hes there.
Last night we had the biggest storm! The electricity went out a few times, off an on until I left for work this morning. You know I love storms, but I love sleep more and i didnt get any last night! It started about 3am and is still raining. I drove dad to pick up his truck this morning and we noticed a plume of smoke coming from over the hill from us. And I just found out it is the Oasis!!!! The whole thing is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sad, it is not only my favorite place to go, but its an Austin landmark! They are saying it was hit by lightning, and that it is almost completely destroyed. Ugh. horrible. Now I have to find another hang out.
***June 10th Update***
Big Daddy was in the hospital until today because they had to take out his gall bladder and kept him until he was well enough to get up and around on his own. Dad has been there ever since, trying to help him get his strength back. We think he will be fine. Dad has ordered a daily nurse and meal service to his house because he lives too far for us to drive every day. Hes way to independant to want to come live with us.


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