Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The thing under my desk

The thing under my desk…May 31, 2005

I got to work, and as Im scooting my chair in, I notice a large something under my desk. Its dark under there and so I peered in, turns out it is the BIGGEST friggin roach I have EVER seen in my life! I wanted to take a picture but was too embarassed when people started coming in. I sprayed it with Raid just incase it was still alive, even though it was already upside down, legs up and all. That thing could have been living under this desk for years. The girl who sat here before I was promoted was quite a slob, Im still cleaning things around this area, its disgusting. She had a really bad psoriasis problem too, eeew. All I know is Im keeping the raid very handy today, and if I see anything move Im spraying it!!!
The parents are coming back into town tonight, bummer. I think I will keep my own agenda though instead of living my day for their schedules. I like eating at 6, instead of 9 and having to go to bed right after. I like watching what I want to, when I want to and there is plenty of room upstairs for me to take over and not be in the way. I wonder if my mom would be hurt if I told her this. Probably, since these days you can't sneeze around her without her getting her feelings hurt, dang menopause! I really need to find a realtor to help me find a place to live soon. I think I have enough saved for furniture, and deposits and such. Looking foreward to that.


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