Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Remember the time

Remember the timeā€¦June 1, 2005

Ok, I was totaly thinking about this last night when the E! channel began its daily re-inactment of the Michael Jackson trial. What the heck happened to him? He used to be so great! Remember? The red leather jacket, the white glitter glove, the white socks and high water pants. He was the greatest dancer I had ever seen when I was little. Remember the moonwalk? It was magic! I still remember when Thriller first came out, I was in 4th grade and it was 1984. Our class actually took a feild trip to another school that had cable TV so that we could all watch the premier of the video on MTV. He was an icon! I guess to some he still is, if you are a person who can overlook his recent troubles. I still love his music, I will still remember him the way I used to remember him. Somewhere along the line, Michael Jackson as we knew him was abducted by aliens and in his place we were left with a completely different man. I will continue to cherish my Thriller record album until I die, and if I can keep blacking out his strange quirks and damaging gossip, I will still think of him as he was-a musical Icon.
Remember the time - Michael Jackson Trial -


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