Saturday, May 28, 2005

Let the mosquito bites begin

Let the mosquito bites begin…May 28, 2005

So far this Memorial Day weekend I have been very productive! Im so proud of myself, I thought I would end up sitting on my arse the whole time being bored! yay!
Yesterday (Friday) my boss Louie let us off early, I could have left at 1:30 if I had been caught up! We ended up getting out of there by 3 though so it wasnt all that much later. I stopped by the store and got myself some Bud Light in cans, mmmm. Got home by 4 and Cody was so happy and just wanted to play as soon as I walked in the door. So I popped a beer and put on some shorts and a tank top, and we were off on our weekend adventure. We played football for a while, and played with donut for a while before he led me to his most recent discovery; the garden hose. I sprayed him, and he bit at the stream of water until he was soaked to the bone. We sat outside until he dried, and I took some pictures of him rolling around in the grass, trying to dry himself off I guess. He was so cute.

While I was outside, I remembered a project I had once in my college photography class. The project was to pick a theme (nature, or architecture) and find every letter of the alphabet. So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. It was a lot of fun! Originally in college I picked architecture, and stayed mostly inside our student union. But taking the pictures outside adds little elements of nature that I never got in those pictures in college. Im adding them to my photo album gallery today.
I found a little friend in the midst of my journey around the yard. A little lizzard. I think hes a gecko because we have so many of them around here, but Im not sure, and he wouldnt tell me. I named him Kermit...I know, hes not a frog, but I thought it fit. He watched me for a while while I walked up and down the path, until he dissappeared into the ivy on the fence for the night.

Cody and I were outside until it started to get dark, I was only to the letter M with my photos but we decided it was time for dinner. He was all dried off and I needed another cold one so we went inside for the night.
My sister called at about 10 and asked me again to come to Dallas, but I just want some alone time since mom and dad are still gone. I told her I wanted to sit around in my panties, and not put on any makeup all weekend and I just wouldnt feel comfortable doing that in her living room! I heard her boyfriend in the background say "we wont mind!" ha ha. I had already gotten into my jammies for the night by then and I was wearing my "Mandy's Big Mellons" tee shirt and a pair of boy shorts. I took a pic to show my sister, but its too x-rated to put on here *wink*. In the middle of the night we had a huge storm, and I got up to open the rain water barrel to catch some water, it was almost empty yesterday since their hasnt been any rain in a while. It rained hard, and the thunder and lightning made me think, what if theres a tornado tonight and I have to evacuate in my Big Mellons tee shirt! I quickly changed into normal pajamas and got back into bed.
This morning the rain had all gone, the water barrel was full and the sun was out in full force. It has been in the 90's here for the last week, but today its nice and breezy and a lot cooler. I realized that I was covered in mosquito bites! I must have about 10 all over my body including a couple that are the size of a quarter. Itcheeeeee. I got up and fed Cody, and got ready to go out and run some errands. I finally got my oil changed and went to the store to replenish the food I had eaten from mom and dads pantry. I also got some OFF! mosquito repellant and a candle to put outside to repel them, hopefully I wont get any more bites today! When I got home Cody and I finished our alphabet photos and had some lunch. Its fun to watch what people are doing this weekend, most everybody has been doing yard work today in our neighborhood. If I knew how to run the lawnmower I would. Ill have to make dad teach me when he gets home next week.


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