Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Return of the Mack

May 10
Return of the Mack

The white Mazda was back this morning.
I know I am probably being paranoid and ridiculous right now, but Im a tad worried. Remember in February when I called the police on that crazy man in my yard? (see Feb 10, 2006) Since that night he was arrested, I haven’t seen him or his car and I was not complaining.

Last night after I got of the phone with Lummox, I heard yelling and cabinets slamming in the other half of the duplex I live in. That is unusual because the women that live there with their sons, are very quiet people. I sat and listened for a while to make sure everything was alright, and it did settle down after a few more minutes. The unusual part was hearing a man’s voice coming from the walls next door. I let it go when it got quiet and went to sleep. This morning after looking out my window, I knew who the voice belonged to. The infamous white Mazda was back, parked in the same location it was the night I called the cops.

I remember his eyes vividly from that night, staring back at me in the dark and rain. It is haunting. When I left for work this morning I never expected to see those eyes, but there they were, attached to the man himself. I sat in my car for a minute while he crossed directly in front of me on route to his car, but he never once looked at me. I got out to close my garage door and he crossed once again, not acknowledging my presence. If he had looked at me I would have nodded at least, or said hey, but he didn’t.

After that night in February I was worried about how my neighbors would feel about me, since the man somehow belonged to one of the women who lives there. But they never treated me any differently, and I have had nothing but kindness from them since the day I moved in. My worries about them have since disappeared.

Now that he is back though, if he remembers our meeting in the rain, is he harboring any bad feelings towards me? He was so out of his mind that night though, it is possible he won’t even remember, but I am still anxious. If he had looked up at me this morning, I may have different feelings; since he didn’t I’m a little nervous.
He left this morning at the same time I did, let’s just hope that Mazda is not parked there when I get home.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. jenni


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