Monday, May 15, 2006

A very Mommy weekend

May 15
A very Mommy weekend

Happy belated Mothers day!

Mom and I had a wonderful weekend, relaxing and just spending time together. She came to stay with Cody and me for the weekend. I got home from work on Friday and she was there playing with Cody in the back yard. She spoils him so he loves it when she visits. She brought me the most amazing sunflower from her yard! She spoils me too.

We didn’t do much of anything but relax, but there were some outings too. On Saturday we had to shop for a new TV. Seems that mom accidentally fried my TV when she was watering the plant that I had above it. I just laughed when she told me the story. She waited until I had a couple of drinks in me to tell me: sneaky- that one.

“I did a bad thing,” she told me.

“What did you do?”

“I think I broke your TV today”

“What?” I laughed

“Well I was watching Oprah today, and was a little bored so I decided to water your plants for you. The one on the TV was so dry the water just came pouring right out the bottom of the planter!”

I just laughed as I listened

“I started to hear a hissing noise and I panicked and unplugged it as fast as I could, it was awful, its not funny Jenni”

“Its okay mom, its only a TV” trying to comfort her, I could tell she was upset, but I couldn’t help but laugh

“It was just like an I love Lucy episode, I swear I can’t touch anything without messing it up”

“Its fine mom…”

“We will get you a new one, you needed it anyway”

And so I have a new 20 inch Sony TV. It was another adventure trying to get that thing into the car. First of all the box was heavy and no one offered to help us to our car. Oh well, we can do it ourselves right? We wheeled it out to the parking lot in a shopping cart and both of us lifted it into the trunk, well not into, it was more on to the trunk, it didn’t fit. So I made mom back the car out so I could try and get it into the back seat. There we are in the middle of the parking lot, with the doors wide open and a shopping cart rolling down the road trying to shove this huge box into the door- and it didn’t fit. Great! All the while I can see these three guys on break in the foyer of the store, not one of them offered to help. Mom moved the car off to another location after we wrangled up the shopping cart again and got the box back in it, I wheeled over to the car in a more secluded location. We decided to take it out of the box, and put it into the back seat. It fit! You should have seen us, doing a little dance in the parking lot “We don’t need men!” I yelled, sweaty and out of breath. That thing is heavy!

Saturday night we went out to my favorite Mexican food place and had margaritas. It was nice just to sit and chat over dinner. Then Sunday we slept in and I wrapped up a painting I did for her. I painted a picture of our cat, BC, who passed away not too long ago. Mom was still sleeping so I left it at the foot of the bed for her. When she woke up she came in with it, and had tears in her eyes, I’m glad she liked it. Mom is a weirdo and always gives Sarah and I mother’s day gifts too. Her card made me cry:

“I’ve cherished these shared times with you lately! Haven’t had too many of them over past years and can’t ever get enough.

I know you wanted me to write something about being a mom for mother’s day. It has been a most wonderful journey, one I would not alter or change in any way, shape or form. Perhaps if I had the power Id remove the pain emotionally you’ve endured in the past few years, but probably not the occurrences and relationships you had because you grew so much through it all. And pain is after all a part of life, but so very hard for a mother to see a child endure, ever.

Most of all thank you and Sarah for making me a mom! You two are the best part of me, the best I’ve ever done and that of which I am most proud in my life. And I have to say “I done good!” cause look at what gorgeous, smart, strong, talented, generous, loving women you are now! I am so grateful you are my daughters. I thank you for making me the mom I am. You gave me my identity in this life. I created you, (well dad and I) and in a way you created me too. You are gods greatest gift in my life, besides your fathers love. Thank you for making me a mom, for giving me so much love and for allowing me to love you with an all consuming power and intensity that I pray someday for you to know too, as a mom. I felt this love the first moment I felt you move inside of me, the first moment I laid eyes on you, my little rosebud. That love will never change. Thank you.



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