Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When Father's Attack

When Father's Attack

A funny -slash- scary Halloween Story

It was high school in the late 90’s; and it was the night of my homecoming dance. I was dating a boy who was two years older than me and I thought I was sooo cool because the boy was like the most popular boy in school ever! My dad never liked him even though we had been dating for over two years but of course dads never like the first boyfriend. This year the annual Navy Halloween Ball and my Homecoming Dance fell on the same night. And on my end- growing up in a Navy family you had to learn to endure the parties and get-togethers our parents went to year after year, as I am sure they had to get used to our high school dances. Coincidentally daylight savings time just so happened to be falling back an hour this evening as well.
In my naïve young brain, I thought to myself “hey this is great, I am supposed to be home at midnight- isn’t that when the time falls back? I have a whole extra hour and my parents probably wont even notice!” so after the dance and after changing into jeans and a sweatshirt my friends and I went off to a party to celebrate one extra hour of freedom from our parents for the evening. I hadn’t even seen my parents that night, since I had my hair done at a girlfriend’s house that afternoon, but I knew for sure they would be at their costume party for hours and that I would be safe. That was until my boyfriend dropped me off that night.
Why were they home so early? Gosh they had an extra hour since the time changed that night, why hadn’t they stayed out later? I slinked out of my boyfriend’s car and snuck into the front door as quietly as I could, holding a puffy dress and heels in my arms. The lights in the house were out except for the master bathroom where I heard the voices of my parents. One of them was in the shower, I couldn’t tell who but I decided to sneak into my bedroom as if I had been there all night. I even got into bed in my shoes and sweatpants with my hair still done up in full “do”. They would think I’d have been there all night.
The next thing I hear is the front door slam, and the car start up. Where is my dad going? I sit up in bed to listen, and I hear nothing but the shower turning off in my parent’s bathroom and my mother cough. My father had gone somewhere, but why? Oh god, I hope he hasn’t gone to look for me. I lie back in bed and pretend to sleep as my mother props open the door to peek in at me in bed. Oh god, I am in trouble! But wait- I have been here the whole time! They were in the shower, they didn’t know I was there…and then my phone rang.
It was my boyfriend on the phone. He told me that a man in a Dracula costume came to his door asking where I was. Oh my god, my reputation at school was over. My father went to my cool boyfriends house dressed as Dracula!!! Apparently the only thing my dad said was “where is my daughter?” in a deep and menacing voice. My poor boyfriend! He didn’t quite know what to say other than he had already dropped me off at home, and even as he was still speaking my father turned his back and walked away from him into the dark.

I hung up the phone when I heard our front door slam once more. My bedroom door opened just as I tucked my hand back under the covers I was hiding under. There was a silence so thick you could cut it with a meat cleaver. I turned my head and looked up to see Dracula in full costume peering in at me and I couldn’t help but gasp. Wow, great costume dad, it was seriously scary this year! No words were spoken for what seemed like forever and then Dracula walked away. Then I heard my mom say “you are grounded for…like-ever, starting now!” and my bedroom door shut quietly. Man, I thought I had the best alibi ever with daylight savings time, but that Dracula costume was enough to scare me into admitting anything! And I swear to god, no one even spoke about it the next day. I stayed in my room for the next week, and I didn’t ask any questions. It was never spoken of from that day forward. Ha ha! I wonder what my dad would say today about that….


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