Friday, May 20, 2005

A happy friday

Im excited because my sister is coming to stay with me this weekend while my parents go on their trip to Tennessee. It shall be fun because I havent seen her since her graduation and sooooo much has happened since then. We will celebrate her engagement at the Oasis on Saturday after a day of window shopping for wedding dresses and accessories. And Im sure she will want to watch more of the home movies I found stuck under one of the cabinets upstairs. Those are so funny, on her graduation weekend we watched 1977 through 1982. They were all filmed on 8mm and they have no sound! They start back in 1972 when my parents lived in Pensacola, FL so it is a record of moms pregnancy with me, and their move to Italy. They filmed everything back then, all the trips around Europe, every Christmas and birthday, every family visit, and all their get togethers with their friends...its really neat. Somewhere my mom has the audio tapes on reel to reel that go with the movies. It seems like such ancient equipment, reel to reel players, and actual film projectors with the big white screen, but it wouldnt feel like home movies without all that. My gramp even gave us their old movies and they are reeeally old...they start back before my mom was born in 1949! Ill have to get those out of the top of the closet one of these days too.
Im looking foreward to having the house all to myself until June 1!!!! I feel like Ive overstayed my welcome sometimes, but whenever I get close to moving out, they reel me back in by saying "you dont have to leave so soon". So I figure Ill just keep saving money until I feel like I have a big enough pillow to survive comfortably. They leave saturday and are going to Tennessee to look for land to retire on. My dad wants some land for a few head of cattle, and to build a workshop on. My mom wants the country house with the wrap around porch and a big garden. I hope they find somewhere they feel comfortable settling. I thought this house would be the last they would buy, but they are not comfortable with the taxes and the neighbors treat them like servants. I hate their neighbors. They are too gossipy and nosey. anyway Im excited they are going on a trip for 10 days Yay! I can walk around neked if I want to! I can stay up all night with the TV on loud! I can play the music I want to! I can watch the shows I want to! I can not eat dinner, and drink as much beer as I want to without grief! Yay!
Today should be a good day. It started out a little off though. I thought my dog died n the middle of the night because he hadnt moved an inch by 3AM. I poked him and he still didnt move. So I wiggled his body until he looked up at me with tired eyes and I knew, he was just so tired he didnt want to move! Even this morning when he snuck onto my bed, he didnt even really open his eyes. I was worried because dad put down fertilizer pellets in the backyard last night and then turned the sprinklers on. And for anyone who has a Lab breed, you know they cant resist water. Anyhoo, hes fine, just worn out from his week of hard work being a dog.
I get to leave early today to pick dad up from the hail damage place, thats my excuse anyway...Its Friday! I cant possibly last until 5, plus its such a nice day today, I didnt even need a jacket this morning and its supposed to get up to 95 today! I love Summer.


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