Friday, May 27, 2005

happy happy joy joy

happy happy joy joy…May 27, 2005

yay! its finally Friday!
I hate fridays at work, because of all the paperwork that is piled up from the week, but it will be gone by the end of the day.
We were just laughing our asses off because the girl that shares the office with me had written an email to her bf and instead of writing jello shots, she wrote "Im making jello shits this weekend" and he wrote back laughing and asked her if she needed pepto, she had no idea she wrote that, were both crying we were laughing so hard.
I am going to sleep in this weekend, every day. And stay up late watching movies. I need a tan so Ill prolly sit outside a lot if it isnt too hot. I love having weekends all to myself.
My sister called me last night at Midnight! I was so mad! She said her guy friend wanted me to come to dallas again this weekend to visit, and he was sitting right next to her and couldnt call me himself? what are we 12? So I got mad and told her I needed to get back to sleep and hung up on her. Oh well, shes my sister and will forgive me.
My right eye has been twitching allllll friggin day! It makes me balistic when it does this, its probably from lack of sleep lately tho, hopefully by tomorrow it will go away. grrrrrr
Dont get me wrong, from all my complaining today I really AM in a good mood.
Ah, back to work now...*sipping on a giant sized McDonalds soda* mmmmmm


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