Friday, December 02, 2005

Were all a bunch of misfits

Were all a bunch of misfits…December 2, 2005

You know it’s officially Christmas when the National Christmas tree is lit and you begin seeing those old 1960’s animagic shows. I must have seen Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at least as many times as years as I am old, maybe even more! I just love them; they remind me of my childhood, and of my love of Christmas. So the other night when I saw it was coming on I got all giddy with excitement and set myself up on the couch in my jimmies to watch. I guess I’ve never really paid attention to what was going on in this movie!!! What is up with everyone picking on Rudolph? He has a birth defect for pete’s sake! Even his dad can’t accept the fact that he is just different because of his nose, and makes him wear a fake one that makes him have a speech impediment! Poor guy, he can’t help it. Everyone calls him a misfit; I guess that was the PC way of calling him retarded back then. Even the coach is against Rudolph, and hurtfully calls him retarded right in front of all the other reindeer. He tells the other reindeer that they wont let him play in any of their games, How mean! And why is Santa such an ass? He acts like he doesn’t even want Christmas to happen at all! He has some sort of eating disorder, he starts out skinny and in a matter of one meal Mrs. Claus has fattened him up. One other thing that creeped me out was the fact Santa called her Momma, and she called him Poppa. Eeew. Then there is the issue of the elf that wants to be a dentist. Everyone gets down on him because he doesn’t want to make toys for the rest of his life, and I think that may have been his way of coming out to Santa. And then he gets ridiculed by the other fascist elves and they call him a misfit too! I thought Santa was an equal opportunity employer. And then the hot girl reindeer- Clarice brings up the question of teenage promiscuity, where are her parents? How come suddenly after the abominable snowman thingy gets his teeth knocked out, he becomes a giant oaf who can’t be strong or ferocious anymore? He just beat Rudolph nearly to death with an icicle, mind you. Now his teeth are gone and he’s mentally challenged? Apparently back in the 60’s if you had a birth defect they sent you to an island for misfits. Poor toys, how come no one just fixed them? And how come Santa can’t fly in blizzards? He can come down a damn chimney, he has friggin flying reindeer; have the fascist elves make you a headlight! Geez Santa, its not that hard, you only have to work one night a year, stop whining. This was just disturbing. Where did the magic go? I guess Ill have to wait for another one to come on. It just wasn’t like I remembered it. Maybe another one will cure my sceptical mind. So what are our children getting out of this movie? If someone is "different" dont play with them- unless you can exploit them, then its okay. Im really not this cynical, I dont know what has gotten into me! Cheese and rice...bah humbug...Ill cheer up when A Christmas Story comes on.

Okay I’m done with my rant.

You may be asking, did you go walking yesterday morning Jenni? And my answer to you would be no. I have come to terms with the fact that for one, I am not a morning person, and for two, I am not an exercise person. These are both facts I’ve known about myself for my whole life...I just thought I could change myself. Not gonna happen. And you know what? I’m okay with that, because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me! So I’m gonna stay just the way I am. Besides, the only person’s opinion that matters to me is the Lummox, and he loves me just the way I am! Yay!

Update on mommy- she’s coming home today from the hospital. I went to see her yesterday and she was doing well, a few new scars and a lot of drugs, but she’s okay. Thanks for all your thoughts!

Also- Lummox and I are working on a project that has become a kind of neat thing. A lot of you have been asking us “so, what exactly is a Lummox anyway?” We plan on putting something together to answer that question soon. I think the Lummox is the best person to write it, so I will let you know when he has it complete. Hooray for Lummoxes! I love my Lummox.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. jenni


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