Friday, January 20, 2006

Welcome to my brain

Welcome to my brain

Just some random thoughts for a Wednesday
I have been jealous of my sister since the day she was born. I think all sisters are like this, arent they? Even in the hospital when she was being born I threw a fit until the nurses gave me a baby doll, spotlight on Jenni please! And I think I dropped a heavy book on her when she was a baby too...all normal stuff psychotic children do for attention, right? Since then it’s been pretty much the same, she gets all the attention and I throw a fit or something heavy. Until recently, that is. All this wedding stuff she is going through, I do NOT want to be in her shoes. Dealing with the parents from both sides, handling the drama involved with planning and everything...makes me not want to have a wedding at all! So thanks to Sarah for breaking us all in to the secret life of weddings it makes it a lot easier to decide not to have a wedding like she is having! I do not envy her.

Random thought numero dos. Why do we dream the things we do? It’s an interesting topic, one that has intrigued me always. Last night I dreamt that Cody had puppies. Instead of carrying them in his belly, he carried them on his back, under his skin until they were born. In the dream I could feel three of them under his fur, crawling around under his skin up to his head and then back down to his tail. I was trying to coax them into being born and two of them were but one was still not done yet. He stayed in. The two that were born looked like black German Shepherds. At one moment in the dream I had to stop and think, hey wait a minute. Isn’t Cody a male?

Random thought number tres. My birthday was great, and thanks to everyone who left me bday wishes. I spent the weekend with mom and dad at their house. Gramps took us all out for Chinese on Friday night, and mom baked me a cake. Saturday was spent shopping, and then another nice dinner at Bellagio- a super nice Italian place in Austin with great food. Mom and dad were generous with the gifts this year, dad built me a beautiful painting easel and mom gave me a spectacular amethyst necklace along with a Michael Buble CD. Sunday we went shopping again, and then a movie. Broke back Mountain is wonderful, filled with gorgeous scenery and makes for a good love story. Not for the squeamish. It’s a different kind of love story- one that I’ve never seen portrayed before in my lifetime. If you can grasp the thought of two men being in love- go see it on the big screen.

Random thought numero four. This morning on Good Morning America Diane Sawyer dumped out her purse and had the contents analyzed. They had some interesting things to say about what your purse says about you. So here’s what’s in my purse, and what it says about me:

Stamps= overly organized, planning, detail oriented.

Peppermint gum= Intellectual, enjoys working with computers and math, sports fan

Receipts= clutter queen, wants to be on the ball but can’t quite get it right

They also mentioned that the emptier the bag, the more confident the girl, guess I’m really insecure because I can hardly close my purse. I also carry bottled water, my passport, a flashlight, and an extra pair of underwear for emergencies. Wonder what those things say about me? I already know- I’m a weirdo.
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