Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Make my day

Make my day…June 14, 2005

OMG I just got asked out!
It was the strangest thing too because I had been chatting with hellvUUr and I had just told him a few minutes earlier that I had given up on men for a while...and then someone comes to the front door at work! I had it locked because Im the only one here, so I opened it for him and he was dropping off a payment. We talked for a bit and then he started to say "can I ask you something...nah nevermind" and started to say bye...but I asked him what? and then he said "well since everyone left you alone today do you want to go have some lunch?" and I turned into the biggest geek in the world. I grinned really big and Im sure I turned bright red and said "Oh I just ate but thank you so much for asking!" and i was beaming...were there little cartoon hearts popping out of my head? I am a DORK! Why today? I'll bet it was the vomit breath and the red bloodshot eyes! Add that to what Im wearing (torn jeans and flip flops) and you have one hot chick! OMG, Im so embarassed. Any other day I would have gone...I sent him an email thanking him again, he really did make my day. (maybe he will write back and reschedule) Just when you stop looking...


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