Friday, June 24, 2005

My Lummox

My Lummox…June 24, 2005

I love my Lummox. We were having a chat just now and he told me a story. This pretty much sums up why I love him so:
i had a marvelous mtb ride last night and i had a really great crash at the end. it was fun. rolling skidding tumbling narrowly missing big rock. scaped knee. but i was laughing to my self as i was skidding to a stop on my shoulder , thinking "that was great"yesh, it was really good.. the ride was good before, but that added to it. it makes me feel alive, not that i like crashing, but to go through the experience, there is something about it. to know that you are pushing hard enogh to find the edge of control. then hold that edge through the crash. wicked awesome


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