Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No thanks

No thanks…June 28, 2005

D tried to call me numerous times last night, according to the log of 20 missed calls still blinking at me from my cell phone. I decided he deserved an explanation at the least and maybe then he will leave me alone. He didnt answer, and I was releived. I know I am a chicken, but a voice mail goodbye is so much easier! I did not want to a) make him feel bad, and b) I definitely did not want to make him mad. Dont poke at the phycho. So I left a short but sweet goodbye. It went something like "hey D, I am glad that we met but I think that I am just not ready for dating like I thought I was. I am still uncomfortable with the whole thing, and until I can feel comfortable, I shouldnt invite someone into my life. You are a great guy, and thanks for everything, but I dont think we should continue seeing eachother. Bye" And with that I felt safe.

A couple of minutes ago I saw a tiny blinking box at the bottom of my screen. I had received a text message. I was slightly scerd when I clicked on it, and was even more scerd when I saw his name at the top of the screen. Oh god. I held my breath as I started to read.

You currently appear invisible to D.
D: I recognized that by the end of Saturday, I had caused you to be uncomfortable. I recognize I am flawed and likely did something or a combination of things you were not pleased with. I have never been good at "dating". I apologize for whatever boundaries I crossed. I commend you on your willingness to take blame and not assign fault. I believe it is a characteristic formed by true love with one of your former boyfriends. I would like you to reconsider... Not dating per say, but rather getting to know me. Will you have "just lunch" with me, say, once a week? I will not ask or contact you again without first receiving an accptable response from you. Thank you for the many smiles!

Needless to say, I will not be responding.


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