Friday, March 03, 2006


March 03

I have a new girlfriend!
The last couple weeks at work have been really hectic so we decided we could use the help of a temp agency. Last week tempgirl walked through our doors and had been working off and on all week until my co-worker went on vacation last Thursday. Tempgirl had been pretty talkative to me, mostly about her dog- we both have black labs so she was asking me for a lot of advice. No problem, I don’t mind chatty people, mostly because I’m pretty quiet. My co- worker was annoyed by her chattiness and even went so far as to tell tempgirl that she liked her quiet time at work, and basically made her feel like she didn’t want to talk to her. Mean. I knew I liked her the day she came in wearing a t-shirt with Cartman from South Park on it that read “What are you looking at?” She is sooo- my kind of people. She’s not stuck up, not fake, and is really down to earth. When my co-worker went on vacation tempgirl and I had some time to bond.

I moved her from her isolation in the huge conference room into the office with me, so that we could work and chat. It turns out that we have a LOT in common. It is almost freaky the things that we have in common, to the point that we think we were separated at birth.

We are both the same age- 32 but we are both very childlike, and have young spirits. We are both artists- she sells her paintings on eBay however- something I might want to look into. tempgirl and I both moved to TX to get away from bad relationships. Both her husband and my boyfriend have the same first name! (No she doesn’t call him a lummox though) We both love classic cars, and her hubby rebuilds cars a lot to sell them. We both have black labs, and even our mothers have the same first name! We share a love for everything 80’s, and have shared our CD collections this week at work. We have listened to everything from Donna Summer to Lisa Lisa and New Edition, it has been a blast.

Yesterday, we drove together in my car to pick up some lunch and we started chatting about traffic in the mornings around the areas we both live. It started to sound like she drove the same way to work as I did, hmm. It turns out...get this...
She lives 6 houses down from me on the same street!

It’s nice to finally have a friend that I can actually feel comfortable with. Most of the girls here are super stuck up, and snotty. Most of them wear 8 gallons of makeup, have their nails and hair done weekly, and wear designer clothes and bling bling. Not me. I don’t feel the need for that kind of life. I have better things to do than shop all the time for the latest Gucci or Coach purses. It seems that way at least, about the girls here- until I met tempgirl . Thank god, finally a girl I can actually like for the right reasons. She is not over the top like most of the girls I’ve met here.

Another reason I miss Colorado is because people seem more down to earth there. People are different here. There is the group of people; mostly they are the ranch people who have lived here for generations that are the nicest people. I think that because we live in more of a city here in Austin, there are more of the rich upper class people that I do not like. It has been hard to make friends here too. I’ve met a lot of people that I call friends, but no one I could say I actually genuinely get along with 100%. I guess it gets that way as you get older? It’s harder to make friends because people are already set in their groups of friends. Even I have a certain set of friends still in Colorado, and it took me about 4 or 5 years to build the friendships I have there.

It feels very comforting to finally have made a friend here, after almost 2 years. Also to finally know someone in my neighborhood is a good thing. I just wish she was working here full time! Ill miss her when we don’t need her help anymore. Id much rather have her working here everyday than the other girls I work with.
Hey, maybe I can talk my boss into hiring her part time....hmmm.
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. jenni


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