Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day One- Weight loss plan

March 30
Day One- Weight loss plan

Day one on the road to the new me!
This morning I got up 20 minutes early and actually had time to sit and have a cup of coffee and a whole grain waffle, and had time to kick around a ball with Cody! He also had more time outside this morning which I felt good about. Normally I’m rushing around like a crazy person in the morning, so breakfast is out of the question. Getting up 20 minutes early in the mornings adds more active time in my day to burn more calories too.
I was eating my waffle and watching Good Morning America this morning and they had some interesting facts about ‘thin people’. One of the facts was that 80% of people who keep the weight off eat breakfast in the mornings. That made me feel like I was off to a great start. You can read the other facts by clicking HERE, they are really interesting and make a lot of sense. I am going to incorporate them into my new schedule.
Today I plan on eating five small meals instead of three bigger ones, and I took a multivitamin. I pre-made my lunch and two snacks last night based on the meal plans given to me in the TurboJam pack I got in the mail. Normally I don’t follow the meal plans, but I figured I might as well go all out because I want this...I want it BAD.
I can not wait to lose this weight that I have been carrying around for the last few years. I am looking forward to gaining back my self confidence, and being able to say I have a positive self image again. I haven’t had that for almost ten years now. I want it back. I am lucky to have a very encouraging Lummox at my side, who loves me in any shape and at any weight, but knows I want to do this for myself and supports me.
I am doing this in a very public way, only because I believe it will give me the motivation to continue to lose the weight and not quit if I have an audience. I have a couple of blog buddies who will be working on their own weight loss at the same time, adding to my motivation. Thank you MonnyKat for being my workout buddy! And congrats on your 30 day sobriety! That totally rocks, I’m proud of you! Amy started her new workout regimen yesterday! Yay! That’s two people... Anyone else want to join us?
So with no further are my Day One Statistics;
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145 (ten pounds more than I thought! Arg!)
Chest- 39
Waist- 33
Hips- 39
Upper arm- 11 ½
Thigh- 22
My goals:
Lose at least 15-20 Lbs
Lose inches
Tone up
Gain self respect
Gain self confidence
Fit into little black dress
Become an ‘active’ person again
Get healthy
To add to my motivation, I am putting my ‘before’ picture below. Notice how I strategically placed myself under my “Titanic” poster? Ha ha. In ten days I will post another pic and stats. Think good thoughts for me! (Pray with me for my spare tire and double chin to go away!) Okay, here goes...ugh, this picture makes my stomach hurt...I don't want to look like this anymore!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. jenni


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