Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Snap out of it!

March 15
Snap out of it!

I will admit- I’ve been saving this picture to use on March 30- but I’m too impatient! I think it’s funny that at the bottom it reads Stop Arthritis hee hee. I’m sure Marilyn could help a lot of men with that...

Okay okay- So I’ve been a big whiner lately. From reading all the comments I got yesterday I started to picture that scene in Moonstruck where Cher slaps Nicolas Cage and yells "Snap out of it!" I just feel like its better to just let my emotions run their course, get out my frustrations where I can and it will be over soon. I used to put on a happy face, cover up my emotions and not talk about anything. But bottling things up doesn’t help anyone in the long run.

Also- I only write about things that are 10% of my life here...that entry yesterday does not represent my does however represent a pin point of my frustrations, and that is what this site is for. It’s my therapy. Lummox knows how much I love and appreciate him too. I’m not an entirely unhappy person but lets face it, we can’t all be shooting sunshine and rainbows out our arses all the time now can we? There comes a time where you need to stand in the shadows for a while, until the sun comes back out. Alright I’ll stop with the analogies. And I’ll stop whining...until next month. I’m feeling much better today, thanks for all the support, and even the reality checks. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the arse.
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