Monday, March 20, 2006


March 20

The temp is stalking me.

She keeps calling me. I made the mistake of giving her my cell phone number that day I thought she was cool. Now she calls me two or three times a week. This weekend she called me on Saturday to ask if I had watched this DVD she gave me to watch. I had no intention of watching it- some stupid anime movie called Spirited Away that I have never heard of. She really wanted me to watch it though, apparently because she called me again on Sunday. I didn’t answer either time because I try and stay away from situations that just inflict internal drama on myself. *wink* I figured she would get it after the last six or seven times I haven’t answered her calls. I know, I can sound like a bitch sometimes, but sheesh- take a hint! We don’t have her coming in this week because of IT problems, but she called this morning before I left for work! I didn’t answer (big surprise) and she left me a message:

“Hieeee it’s meeeee again. I just wanted to make sure you watched that movie because I’d like to come over tonight to come pick it up. How about 7:30ish? ...more dribble I didn’t listen to...blah I will see you at 7:30 tonight. Byeeeee”

Whatever, I’ll make sure I have Cody with me to annoy her. I’ll make sure he jumps up on her because I already know she hates that about some dogs because it was included in all the random mind-diarrhea she spewed to me all last week. I continued to get ready for work and was thanking god that I didn’t have to see her at work today.

When I opened my garage door to leave, who do you think was parked outside my house? The temp from hell. I pretended not to see her, so I backed out into the driveway and she pulled along side me on the side street and waved. Friggin great. She saw me look. She had the look of a soccer mom on crack waving to me through the window like I was one of her little kids. I smiled but through my teeth I was huffing ‘oh greeeat’. I got out and yelled out to her ‘Ill go inside and get your movie’ and motioned to my garage to escape. She actually asked ‘are you on your way to work?’ I just stared at her blankly... um no, I’m off to join the circus, what do you think? I went inside and grabbed the DVD and took it out to her. She of course chatted away, telling me her life story. God, why did I take that stupid movie in the first place? I should have snuck it back into her purse while she wasn’t looking so that I could avoid any unnecessary encounters with her again.

As she drove away I had to ask myself, did that really just happen? Did she really just come over to my house and wait outside for me? SERIOUSLY? That is really annoying and a little creepy if you ask me. I am definitely kicking myself for telling her where I live, that is for sure. Hopefully that was the last of her. One can only hope....I mean, Seriously!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. jenni


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