Friday, March 24, 2006


March 24

Its finally Friday!
Ahhh, no tempgirl today. She got called in yesterday to do one last days work and I said goodbye to her for EVER. On her way out she smiled and pointed at me and said with a disturbing grin “I’m not through with you yet girl! I will see you around soon!” Great, that is something to look forward to- not. I hope that was the last of her. My head still hurts from last week!
This afternoon I witnessed something upsetting; it was humorous and at the same time it was depressing. I was on my way back from lunch, stuck once again at the traffic light that takes an eternity to change, and to my left was a female beggar.
Tangeant- what is the PC term for a beggar these days?
Homeless person?
I’m out of analogies....
Anyway...apparently beggarChick had taken some other beggars spot and he was not happy with her. They were yelling at each other, waving their cardboard signs at each other angrily arguing over who was there first. Now I had seen beggarMan there days and days in a row, and I know that was ‘his’ spot. He had a reason to be mad I suppose. But then I started thinking, is there some unwritten rule of the homeless? Do they have an understanding among their circle that says they can stake claim to freeway corners and call them theirs?
I have also noticed a trend here in Austin, where there is a male vagrant, there seems to be a female around the corner with the same hand made sign asking for the same things. They travel in pairs! So when I noticed beggarChick, I immediately looked down the other end of the intersection and low and behold- beggarChick had a beggarDude of her own! When he saw her arguing with beggarMan he began walking towards them. When beggarMan noticed, he was off to find another corner to stake claim to.

Poor beggarMan. I wanted to stand up for him, after all it was really his place of work...he had been their first, but I was afraid of beggarChick, with her grey teeth, and leathered and tanned skin...and Ill bet she packs a mean punch. Those cardboard signs have sharp corners too, ever gotten a paper cut from cardboard? It stings! So as soon as the light turned green again, I was off to my own place of work once again. I wondered though, if there was someone else sitting at my desk when I got back, would I have to argue with them to get my spot back? Threaten them with cardboard if need be? I may need to make friends with beggarMan one day, just in case.
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. jenni


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