Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mid-week Meanderings

April 05
Mid-week Meanderings

I think my ADD is flaring up today or something
My brain is jumping around with too many thoughts today to tie them together into one here are the tangents of my thought process.
This morning, I can hardly move, let alone lift my arms above my head to do my hair. The fact that I have made it through almost a week of working out every day makes me feel great. I think I even saw my jaw line making an appearance while I was putting on my makeup, and I was surprised to look down and see my toes this morning in the shower! My tummy pooch has shrunk a bit! Yay! I can deal with the soreness, in return for the loss of my pooch and double chins. That is a fair trade.
Cody is not a fan of my work out routines. Normally if I am jumping around being a goof he will bark at me. So when I first started working out, he sat in front of me and barked until I got mad and put him outside. I’m sure he is thinking “what the heck is wrong with you? Why are you jumping around all over the place? Why are you kicking the air like that? Mommy, what is going on here? Hey listen to me!” The second day he was a little better, I think it makes him anxious that I am sweating and grunting and breathing hard or something. He is definitely not used to seeing me move around as much as I have been recently. Monday was toning and weights day so as soon as I had to lie down on the floor, below Cody’s level, he was right on top of me wanting to play along. I think I bonked him in the head with my weights a couple times before he got the hint I wasn’t down there to play with him. He is getting used to it though, he now lies on the couch or in the kitchen patiently and waits for me to finish. Good dog.
I think I lost a day somewhere. I woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday. When I left for work, I wondered Why in the heck is my trash can out in the middle of the road? Its not trash day....wait, it is trash day! It is Wednesday! Where did Tuesday go? Who put out my trash? I know I didn't do it- so thank you to whoever put out my trash this morning...sorry it was so smelly Ive been eating more fish lately.
So American Idol fanatics, who do you think will be going home on the results show tonight? I think the bottom three will be Bucky, Paris, and Ace. I am not a fan of Ace, I think he has gotten through this far based on the votes of 15 year old girls who dream of his creepy stare. He reminds me of last seasons Constantine the way he stares into the camera as if he’s undressing me with his eyes. Ick! I hope Ace goes home, finally, at least sometime soon. I can’t stand getting the creeps every time he goes into that shrill falsetto voice he seems to incorporate into every song. Bucky has got to go. As much as I like him, he just doesn’t have a star presence. Paris did a horrible job last night with her rendition of How do I Live. I realize country music isn’t for everyone, but that was a horrible pick for her voice. Paris is normally a great singer though, so I think she will stay for at least a couple more rounds. I think it’s between Bucky and Ace tonight.
Who else is in love with Nick Lachey’s new single What’s Left of Me? What a great song! I am so totally on team Lachey. Jessica can take her little hooker butt back to Hazard County and choke on her Pizza Slut bites. Walk those cheating boots somewhere else- I for one, am tired of hearing about her, and if I see her on TV you can bet Ill be changing the channel. I am hoping Nick takes her for all she’s worth- she is a hooker. Go Team Lachey!
Okay, I am done...for now. My head hurts...
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. jenni


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