Sunday, June 04, 2006

fasting day two

Fasting- Day two

Firstly I'd like to say- Correctol is the Devil.

The back of the box will tell you that "relief" will occur in 6-8 hours. They lie.

Yesterday morning, bright and early I got up to let Cody out and decided I should take one before I went back to bed. 45 minutes later I was studying the inside of my bathroom from a not-so glamorous vantage point. Those pills work yes; and without going into too much description, I thought I might actually die at one point. Dead on the toilet at 32. What a grand exit. (Suddenly I felt sorry for Elvis) Luckily the discomfort went away about three hours later.

I found myself doing nothing yesterday, mainly because I had absolutely no energy but mostly because I was starving! I drank so much water yesterday you could have heard the ocean if you put your ear up to me. I passed on the coffee for fear that it would put me back into the bathroom, so I had no source of caffeine to boost my energy. I made it through the day by watching PBS cooking shows and memorizing the recipes, I was too lazy to write them down. I took two naps, and by early evening I was having strange fluctuations in body temperature, I could not get warm enough. I stayed in bed for most of the day only venturing out of my bedroom to give Cody a bath and a brushing, and to retrieve my water.

By around 9PM I broke. I am not strong enough to will away the hunger pangs. I had an orange, and it was the best orange I have ever eaten. At one point I dipped my finger in some salt and had that too, and it was delicious. I think maybe next time Ill get a bottle of Gatorade for salty sweet emergencies. After the attack of the orange I just went to sleep. By 12AM it seemed as though my hearing had become heightened and I could hear every car that drove by, and every click in my ceiling fan. By that point I felt a little irritable, and had a fight with my earplugs for a while that almost turned to tears. After Cody huffed and puffed at me, I settled down finally and went to sleep.

Surprisingly I didn’t wake up at all last night. On any normal night of sleep I wake at least two times; always at 3AM and once or twice again before my alarm goes off. I woke this morning at the time my alarm would be going off for work, and decided since I could, that I would go back to sleep. I feel great this morning. It feels nice to be empty, and I am actually not hungry! I have a lot more energy than I did yesterday, and I think I will make a pot of coffee.

Mom called earlier. She wants me to come to a movie with her and then to an early dinner with my gramps. I couldn’t say no, so I guess the fasting will end short of 48 hours. Next time I think I will skip the Correctol, add some Gatorade, and make sure there are enough food programs on TV to last me an entire day. Maybe Ill try again next weekend.

Hmmm, I wonder where we are going to eat



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