Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm gonna be an Aunt!

I'm gonna be an Aunt!

My sister is PREGNANT!!!


As of today she is officially 16 weeks along and very very excited about it as we all are. Okay so I have known for a while now but I didn’t want to jinx it ;) She found out about two weeks before mother’s day, and very appropriately I might add. She sent me a photo message to my phone with a pic of the pregnancy test, I promptly called and yelled “that’s a little bit more important than a text message!!!!” and then we rejoiced together over the phone. I remember jumping all around my living room and in the back yard.

I was really proud to learn that I was the first person to know, not even Nathan knew yet! I am the worst person to divulge your secrets to- I can’t stand it- I have to tell someone!! She wanted to wait a week before telling Nathan and our parents so I had to hold it in. I didn’t even attempt to call my parents for fear that I would slip and spill the beans! It was sooooo hard!!! AND she made me promise not to blog about it!!! GAAH!!. That was the hardest part I think :)
The week before mother’s day she made a surprise visit to Dallas where Nathan was finishing up school and she gave him a little box all wrapped up. When he opened it he saw tiny little Michigan booties and a tiny little Michigan cap. I’m not sure how the rest goes, but I heard he was super surprised and very happy to hear the news.

Then they got in the car and drove to see our parents to break the news to them. Sarah was sneaky again and added a line in at the end of moms mothers day card that let her know she would soon be a grandmother. Mom and dad were very happy; it was a great surprise to them as well.

And then I still couldn’t talk about it because they hadn’t told Nathan’s parents yet! I am really not good with secrets :) it was driving me crazy until my parents called that weekend and I could finally stop holding my hand over my mouth. I did tell Lummox though ha ha, I HAD to tell somebody!

I am so excited to be an aunt! I am going to be crazy aunt Jenni that her kids love to come and visit because I will spoil them rotten. I say “them” because I hope they have more :) And hopefully also I will have children one of these days so they can have some cousins to play with! If not- Ill just steal a kid from the store for the day and we can all play make believe! All jokes aside, I am a very proud sister these days. Congratulations Sarah and Nathan! I can’t wait for December!



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