Sunday, July 09, 2006



I just had the most fascinating conversation with a seven year old about Bill Clinton.

My boss brought her son in with her today; I’ve known him since he was a baby. My mom was his nanny until last year, and they are also close neighbors to my parents as well. Grayson is his name and he is a big silly pants when he is around me. I have become that girl who kids are drawn to because I can get on their level, yes I’m a seven year old trapped in a woman’s body. Anyway, today he came into my office to have a chat and to tell me his silly made up jokes and suddenly he asked “Did you vote for President Clinton?”

I sat there stunned, not knowing where this one came from because we were just having a LOVELY conversation about boogers. I had to think for a second, and then I remembered that Yes I did vote for Clinton. It was 1992 and my very first time voting in a presidential election; it was my first year in college so of course I voted, and it happened to be Clinton that I voted for.
“Yes, I voted for Clinton” I replied as I watched his brow furrow and his nose crinkle up.

“How could you vote for him, he is such a liar!” he blurted out in a very loud inside voice. “ shouldn’t vote for people who lie Jenni, he is a bad man”
I laughed out loud and agreed with him, yes you shouldn’t vote for people who lie.
“I think he was just mad because of his wife” he said as his face grew stern.
“Because of his wife?” I asked eagerly awaiting his reasoning on the subject.
His eyes grew bigger and he gave a big sigh and said “yeah because he should be afraid of her cause she is going to be scary when she becomes president”
I had to laugh. Smart kid, his mom taught him well.


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