Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Hope everyone had a good July 4th celebration! I ended up spending the weekend at mom and dads. It was nice to visit and have a long weekend with them although because their house is on the market, it was a little tough when people wanted to view the house. We would have to pack up and move and erase all traces that we were there. I became a master at “erasing” footprints from the carpet. Luckily my parents are watching the neighbor’s house while they are gone so we just retreated there while realtors and visitors walked through the house. Cody wasn’t too happy that he had to move around all weekend, but he dealt with it.

Mom and I went shopping and saw a movie- The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn and it was really great. Very funny. We took gramps out to Chinese food and basically just hung out all weekend. Their neighbors had a cultisac party on Monday night and we drank beer and barbequed until the fireworks. It was nice but I realized that I have nothing to talk about with people- even in small talk! Maybe it was because of the age gap between me and the people in my parent’s I don’t have anything in common with those people other than knowing my parents. It felt like all I talked about with everyone was where I moved to, how my job was, and how I am dealing with my parents move. Boooring. I’m a big yawn!

It’s amazing how different I feel from the women in my age range in their neighborhood. There are a couple of girls who are probably only a few years older than me, but they live in huge houses, have kids and husbands. I have absolutely nothing in common with them! I can’t begin to compare my life with theirs and every time I visit my parents it becomes apparent that I am just...different.

Where are all the other single thirty something girls with no kids hanging out? Do they already have a circle of friends? Where do I begin to fit in? When do I get accepted into a group of friends and not considered the new girl? How do I find other single people to just hang out with? I’m tired of just staying home on weekends, it would be nice to meet some friends for a beer, or for a movie sometime. It shouldn’t be that hard to meet other people my age who share my single lifestyle right?

It seems like when I do meet new people, they are married with families and have already established friendships with people who are like them. I definitely don’t want to be the only single girl in the group. Another problem I’m finding is that, well a lot of women my age already have kids and their lives revolve around caring for them, and I’m not prejudiced against them, but it would be nice to hang out where there aren’t children sucking up all the attention in the room.

Finding new friends is almost like finding a guy to go on a date with. There are certain qualities that I look for in potential friendships just as I do when I look for a man. Is she single like me? Does she have no kids like me? Does she like to drink socially and bash on men, like me? Where are all my single friends in Austin? They are probably hanging out with all the single men that I’m not dating.

Why do I feel like Bridget Jones all of a sudden? Oh god, I think I am Bridget Jones...


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